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2 reviews
2023, June 2
I was involved in a car accident and got Ciraku Law to represent me. Mr. Ciraku was very professional and helpful throughout the process. He always kept me informed and prepared for the next step. I am thankful to him and his team for educating me and making sure I wasn't too frustrated by the litigation process. We received proper compensation for our injuries thanks to his work.
jianyun g.
2023, May 29
2 reviews
Fred R.
2023, May 27
Jason is fantastic punctual on time honest hard worker, if you need brick work repaired like i did look no further then Jason you will be so happy as i am hes the greatest person i,m so happy with his work
8 reviews
Amol B.
2023, May 27
Advantages Instructor Aziz was very helpful. I and my family learned so much from him. I highly recommend him for safety classes and encourage all Canadians to get educated about gun safety, gun laws and foul politics affecting law abiding gun owners and their families.
2 reviews
Nigel C.
2023, May 21
Poor communication from the start about what would be delivered and when. When the owner was approached, he was rude and not at all interested in resolving the issues. Would not recommend.
2023, May 18
I've had several treatments for bugs, the whole building is infested. My upstairs neighbour in 602 plays loud offensive bass music 24 hours a day - so loud even when I put my TV volume at the highest level I can still hear and feel the crap music. I've called the police, I've made complaints with the council department, I've contacted this management daily for over a year with video evidence. Nothing. They even followed me to my apartment and stood outside my car. Told management the time and date
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1 review
Pranita D.
2023, May 14
Perfect place for dental work. Super Clean,friendly staff and a excellent service. Recommended
1 review
Raj G.
2023, May 6
Do not work for this company or hire their services. Check the google reviews before working here. Many people have problems with this guy for cheating them in many cases he hardly ever pays the employees. You are risking your time and money working for this scam company. He will act like everything is professional until a few weeks in. Then you start see him cut your pay or delay everything with different excuses. Eventually he will stop picking up the phone calls.
Michael D.
2023, May 5
I cannot recommend Canturk highly enough. They are very professional and do what they commit to do, on time and on budget. Veli Kayalica is a pleasure to deal with, extremely knowledgeable and highly customer focused. I have used them several times and will continue to do so should the need arise.
1 review
Paul R.
2023, May 4
Alaha Bakhtari and Preston Pierce were professional, efficient and helpful.
2 reviews
Betty A.
2023, May 2
you wont be getting away with this....
3 reviews
2023, May 1
I have had the pleasure of working with the Clinivex team and I can honestly say that their customer service is second to none. Not only are they incredibly friendly, but they also maintain a high level of professionalism that is truly impressive. Throughout the entire process, from start to finish, I received excellent customer support. What really stands out about Clinivex is their team's knowledge and expertise. They were able to answer all of my questions in a clear and concise manner, and
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Barbara T.
2023, May 1
Last Sunday I attended the 11oclock service at Mount Dennis Baptist church . They were welcoming the new minister Pastor Dennis Johnson. I would recommend if you are living in and around the Mount Dennis area stop by on a Sunday morning i am sure you will be blessed. The congregation is warm, friendly , and welcoming 🙏
1 review
2023, April 29
Highly skilled teacher
2023, April 19
Good job! I was given the concept once I first contacted them that I did not want to test into it any further. They have been affected person and attempted to provide an explanation for what became happening.
Diane W.
2023, April 16
I will never go back to Dr Rachel Ruppel for I do not think she has a suitable bedside manner. I came to the Kingsway Dermatology for a complete skin check as I was referred by my family doctor. After quickly looking my naked body over as I stood with only my panties on, she then focused on my face and without telling me what she was about to do or why, she grabbed a spray bottle and started spraying my face. I was shocked and confused with the aggressive manner and neither had I had any skin
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4 reviews
2023, April 15
I have ordered a Cartier sunglasses, paid $1565 i was told to by customer service that they will require signature upon receiving the package. I never received the package, when I contacted the customer service they told me someone else received them.online shopping at Cartier is scamming a customers. I never got sunglasses and never got money back. Do not ever shop with Cartier.Horrible customer experience. Yasir H
1 review
Wil V.
2023, April 12
My family and I are very thankful from the Dental care & service that we experienced at Brilliant Dentistry, from the receptionist, the admin, the assistants the hygienists, and the Dentist they are all connected in giving their best in providing 100% patients care and customer satisfaction. On top of that we don’t need to deal with insurance claims, they do everything. The facilities are well equipped with modern technologies and the place are super clean and beautiful like we are in the hotel
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1 review
Sterling G.
2023, April 10
I’ve been a client for over 20 years now and not once have they let me down with service or obtaining a product. I thought the Pandemic knocked them out like so many other shops… but they came back slugging! Long Live The Chain Saw Clinic!!!
vikas n.
2023, April 8
The engineer was very efficient in his job. He did his plumbing job very diligently. He was very professioal. I would always recommend four parks plumbing and drain for any sort of plumbing jobs.
Ines L.
2023, April 1
Very professional !
Peter H.
2023, March 29
Wonderful and very quick service for a series of repairs / replacements to lighting, electrical connections, broken faucet, completed in a single day. And the quietest workers we've ever had, a pleasure to have in the house.
2023, March 25
Very unprofessional lady. She is very rude. She was not even ready to listen my needs. I told her not to use plucker instead use thread but still she was arguing me. She called me aggressive just because I told her that I noticed few hair on my upper lips. She don't have manners how to talk with customers. Highly disappointed with her attitude.
1 review
Gurinder d.
2023, March 21
Hi every one so these on guys are best on buying on homes and on selling on homes and on getting on the job on done on time and best on recommend team and is the best on people for the houses and on the best on team to the on the job on done on right day and time of the day and on every on day as well so thanks on every one so this is on the best on recommend on team so thanks on every one so thanks once again every one
Jess, M.
2023, March 18
From Jess,Marilynn and Jim Kalman Trevor assisted us in finding a condo in the downtown core. His knowledge, comments, and support in completing our purchase was extremely helpful. He was always there to show us properties and assisted with picking a solid area and the right square footage all at the appropriate price. In short we would have been truly hampered in our purchase without his assistance. We thank you Trevor and wanted to let you know we all appreciated your help.
2 reviews
2023, March 13
PHNX is the best makeup!!! I have so many of their products like their lipstick and lip plumper, brush set and pro blender. Going to try their mascara next, they’re cruelty free and clean beauty! That’s the best!
2023, March 5
I had a very wonderful experience @ Tbooth wireless, Yorkdale mall. Aayush was very exceptional in rendering service to my family and my daughter was very happy with her device and line. Great job, will definitely be back.
2 reviews
2023, March 5
This was the best night ever call me ;) 416-828-1250
Sukhdeep M.
2023, March 3
Very skilled professionals
sharlout k.
2023, February 23
I want to thank Dr. Mary Rofail. She is very professional physician, caring and go above and beyond to help the patients and guarantee they got the excellent medical service. I went yesterday to her clinic for first time, was busy and full of people but she managed easily and helped everyone with lovely smile, caring and supportive. Clinic was so clean and washroom as well. Actually among the medical crisis we face in Ontario now, rarely you can find physician as Dr. Mary R. Highly recommend
1 review
John G.
2023, February 20
Yes I agree. Was our doc for 50+ years. Hasn’t he retired yet?
Marek P.
2023, February 19
IIzabela helped me with my permanent resident application. She is very kind, professional, and competent. Highly recommended.
2 reviews
Cameal R.
2023, February 18
Chalk Son & Associates, they are a savior, they can make what seems impossible possible. My experience with them is next to none. To all the team, THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! You gave me a lifetime opportunity that I've been seeking. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
Hayley P.
2023, February 10
.I decided one day to get my teeth cleaned. It was Shivvon Hayles ; their Dental Hygienist. Then I met Dr. Abi Sathiyabalan & her Assistant John Del. I did not know that I suffered from anxiety! In the past I never had good experiences with other dentists. I was very impressed by Dr. Abi Sathiyabalan, her Assistant John Del and their Hygienist Shivvon Hayles. They worked well together as a team. They really care about you and your teeth. They treat you with respect, empathy, compassion
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2023, February 6
Great massage from Joanna. Very relaxing and she is very in tune with my needs. She spent 15 minutes prior to my massage to find out all my areas of concern. After one session I decided to sign up for a 7 session package for full men’s health. No looking back for me. I and thank full and she has help correct many ailments. Thank you again.
Affie L.
2023, February 2
Dear Dr. Hedayat I would like to say many thanks for the wonderful job you did for me. You are professional, patient, caring, gentle and knowledgeable. I had a great experience with you and your team. You are following up with your patient and it means a lot to me. Thank you so much Best regards Afkham Lolohari
Deky(jason) T.
2023, January 29
I called home standard for service to replace a new boiler/water pump the owner was very nice ,explaining full detail of the job ,and he did it without cutting any corner, the install man was BEN,he did an incredible job just by himself with a 12 year old son passing tools for him from the truck,taking only half hour break( for lunch) Thank you BEN and your son for doing such a great job. definitely highly recommended .
1 review
Michael B.
2023, January 26
This was my third time to the spa and the first time were average. However, today I had a 2nd massage with Linda who works on Wednesday's who I found to be extremely deceptive, dishonest, manipulative, and harmful to any client/visitor. Although during an initial appointment she was nice just to get a repeat client, today she was verbally abusive and demeaning towards me where I am a very nice guy and tip extremely well everywhere. She left our scheduled appointment in the middle of it since
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Sherri M.
2023, January 23
Lily is a talented seamstress. Every garment I've brought in to have altered comes back fitting perfectly and/or beautifully repaired. Service is friendly - we always have a good chat. It's great to support this local family business.
1 review
John C.
2023, January 18
I ordered a DonJoy Shoulder Sully brace in medium. Although, there was an order confirmation email, I never received any shipping information or tracking updates. The brace eventually did show up within the stated delivery timeframe when I was checking out, but the communication was lacking and I didn't know if the brace was going to arrive or not. Once I received the shoulder brace and tried it on, I realized it didn't fit optimally and because of this I could tell it was not going to provide
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1 review
2023, January 17
The worst service I’ve ever had! They fix cars with superglue and tape! So think twice before letting them touch your car.
2023, January 16
Would not move used refrigerator due to back injury, refunded moving fee, but when fridge died in less than 3 months, would not provide full refund since it was personally moved. Does not care that he was providing subpar service since he seems to be benefiting from this scheme. Stay away at all costs. Choose to believe me or not, you have been warned.
1 review
2023, January 16
Overall unprofessional and neglectful in her work.
1 review
2023, January 16
DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT get the warranty. It covers nothing! Every claim, they will find a reason not to cover it. And when you start asking questions, you get no response to messages left, emails, nothing. If you can, go elsewhere. Absolute waste of money!
1 review
Irama A.
2023, January 15
I had a great experience with my school principal. She was always very friendly and approachable. Whenever I had a question or concern, she was happy to take the time to listen and provide guidance. One of the things that stood out to me was how approachable she was. She would often be seen walking around the school during breaks and lunch, talking with students and teachers. This made it easy to approach her and I always felt comfortable talking to her. She also made sure to get to know students
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17 reviews
2023, January 15
Advantages Awesome staff, art, atmosphere... Comment All around awesome tattoo shop. Crazy talented artists! Beat tattoo shop in Scarborough!
2023, January 13
Spent $6500 with this company in the last 7 weeks, our last order was $2400 and pay right away. The next day we got a new invoice that show ONLY $1400 worth of product. After a few emails we told them, our number have to match so please refund and we will restart with a new one and go elsewhere for what you do not have. Well, we have no product and no refund. DON'T waste your time and money with these clowns. We would have spend a lot more in the coming weeks but they prefer make a 1 time $2400
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2023, January 12
Luke is wonderful to work with. He is friendly and personable, listens to my questions and concerns, and is prompt with correspondence. He is knowledgeable and well-informed and provides a breadth of options with their varying strengths. He explains and clarifies information using examples and plain language. Luke is my go-to financial planner!
Gord K.
2023, January 10
BEWARE! ZERO STARS!!! They get you a few KM's away from the airport to pick up the car and then hold you ransom for additional insurance coverage at $40/day. I had called in advance of my trip for clarification on the proof of insurance required. Nobody called me back. When I arrived I provided my proof of full auto coverage as outlined on their site and a credit card with full travel coverage. I was told that was insufficient and, at 8pm on a Sunday, I was told the only coverage they
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1 review
2023, January 10
Good product, purchased for my parents. They love the equipment
2023, January 8
Worst shopping center and worst customer service ever. They just know you till they receive their money. After that, they do not respond to your call and do not care about their customer at all. After a long delay, our bed set was delivered with a broken mirror. We talked to the delivery department and after 3 weeks of waiting for the replacement, they just shirked their responsibility. I do not recommend it at all
Absar k.
2023, January 6
Great place very friendly staff and very fast I fully recommend this store
2 reviews
2023, January 5
I had reached out to Stefano and team to do exterior waterproofing for 2 walls of our basement with future warranty. Communication was timely and they were able to get to the waterproofing faster than promised especially during the busy summer months. It's been a few months since and no leaking. Would recommend for a reliable job and clear and fast communication.
2 reviews
Amandeep k.
2023, January 4
Recently I just done with my hair cut and waxing at Aman’s beauty salon I just wanna share, I had a wonderful experience and got amazing service from them. Now I am taking laser sessions that’s very good and totally pain free way of hair removal. Overall, suggestions for that who are looking for good beauty and hair service at reasonable prices. Must visit guys.
1 review
Ayaz H.
2023, January 2
I recently visited The Ritz Men's Haircut and I was extremely impressed with the service I received. The staff were all very friendly and welcoming, and they made sure to listen to my haircut requests. Yousef did an excellent job and I was extremely satisfied. The shop was also clean and well-maintained, which is always important. Overall, I had a great experience at this barbershop and I will definitely be returning in the future. Unique experience with a complementary espresso is certainly not
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Kathy B.
2022, December 31
After choosing Effie to sell our home in Parkview Hills, we were constantly impressed by her high degree of professionalism. Whenever we had any questions or concerns, she was quick to answer our inquiries and alleviate our worries. It was obvious that she is very knowledgeable regarding the market trends and the value of neighbourhood properties. After selling the property in just 6 days and above the asking price, she went above and beyond our expectations. We were unable to use the contents of
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1 review
2022, December 30
Phoned them. Asked if they were busy. The person I was speaking to said he wasn't serving anyone at the moment. It's a five minute drive for me. Got there and waited 40 minutes during which I saw them take six clients before me. I left. I suspect they told me they weren't busy just to get me to go there. By the way, this is how they answer the phone: "Hello?" That's it. Didn't identify themselves - I had to ask them if it was the barber shop. Never going back.
Kate Y.
2022, December 29
Over the course of 2022 I got a chance to work twice with Marlon Kubes from Forest Hill Real Estate firm . Both times I was in the tenant role. First time, right at the beginning of 2022, I was very short on time to find a safe, affordable , and convenient place in under a week's time! I stumbled on a listing by Marlon of a place that looked suitable and reached to Marlon. He listened to what our needs were and understood our unique situation of tenant being a full time foreign student and guarantor
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1 review
Robert W.
2022, December 21
Excellent and experienced psychotherapist.
Jay D.
2022, December 20
If I could give zero stars I would. This company overcharged at every turn and did not do good work. Avoid!
2022, December 16
2 reviews
Stephen P.
2022, December 16
My experience with Bluetown Law firm in Toronto was very disappointing. I was only trying to get an "Opinion Letter", which is a very simple process of reviewing a few documents and verifying said documents. This took 2 weeks! I had to call the firm to get the letter sent to me for approval. The process was delayed by the firm and the lack of professional service!
2022, December 10
Not a good place for a child development at all. The people they call themselves teachers they only engage with children and teach when parents are around but in their dreams they really believe they are running a Toronto school.
2022, December 10
We had a terrible experience with this school and the owner. She signed us up without tell us about her policies. My younger daughter has serious respiratory issues. She had to miss some of her lessons. Because she has trouble with breathing I can’t always know if she can make it in within 24hrs. We were in crisis: Long story short, she refused to make up the lessons. She really had no compassion or understanding. She also cancelled a lesson on us because her teacher was sick. On another occasion
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