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1 review
Jhoan D.
2023, September 24
🤦🏻‍♀️ garbage. scratch my window, window visor, window linings, cut my window rubber, broke one of screw cover, have dent on my door panel due to whatever tool they have used to removed it, window tint was full of dust, dirt, and bubbles, have finger/gloves stain on my roof lining. Ceramic coating, as promised he said he will fix what i have shown him under my car lip, but it’s still there when I’ve got my car. My car is just two month old and trusted them that they will take good care of it
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1 review
Solihu K.
2023, September 9
We have nothing but positive feedback to share about Adorable Child Care. Her dedication, professionalism, and genuine love for the children are evident in the way she runs the daycare. We appreciate her attention to detail, how she engages the kids in various activities, and her open communication with us about fostering unity between what the kids learn in the daycare and at home. Throughout my son's time at Adorable Daycare, we're delighted to witness his growth and development. The bond he
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1 review
Jason R.
2023, September 6
Horrible experience here. On the phone I was quoted a price of $82.95 for an oil change. He said that price includes tax. Then, after being made to wait a full hour and a half, even though they were not busy at all, I was told the bill is $117. I asked the simpleton who goes by the name Dennis how he goes from $82.95 (including taxes) to $117. He denied saying that he quoted me a price of $82.95, and says he said it would cost between $80-$95. That alone makes no sense because never in the history
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1 review
2023, August 21
Very rude. It gave severe stress. 0 listening skills. Was treated unkindly.
1 review
Nick M.
2023, July 2
He ran a “giveaway” for a assc hoodie a few weeks ago. There were 360 comments on the hoodies giveaway post all doing exactly what was told to do to enter. Giveaway was supposed to be finished on the 4th. On the 5th I contacted to ask when he was going to be announcing the winner. He was very rude and gave me basically no response and I answered letting him know I’ve been supporting for awhile and I didn’t mean any harm just was asking for info. He still didn’t announce the winner. So
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1 review
Judy C.
2023, May 8
I love this Company. They are so honest .I requested, a quote , on a job, that I thought, I needed done.But to my surprise, I was told , it didn’t need to be done.Chuck , saved me approximately $900.00. This would have been, my third time having work done by,EXPERT ELECTRIC.So professional, so polite. so caring staff. Love you guys, thanks for your GREAT SERVICE.KEEP UP , the great work.👍👍❤️
1 review
Gary G.
2023, May 1
I phoned Pepsi to ask if I was able to purchase 4 litre jugs of Diet Pepsi syrup and was transferred by a very nice receptionist to the manager of the bottling department. He was very abrupt and curt in the way he answered and rushed through everything I asked and then hung up after asking how I got that number. If this is the way your managers treat perspective customers, it doesn't bode well for your company. I had called because I'm retired and will be living in a motorhome. I have a sodastream
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