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1 review
Judy C.
2023, May 8
I love this Company. They are so honest .I requested, a quote , on a job, that I thought, I needed done.But to my surprise, I was told , it didn’t need to be done.Chuck , saved me approximately $900.00. This would have been, my third time having work done by,EXPERT ELECTRIC.So professional, so polite. so caring staff. Love you guys, thanks for your GREAT SERVICE.KEEP UP , the great work.👍👍❤️
1 review
Gary G.
2023, May 1
I phoned Pepsi to ask if I was able to purchase 4 litre jugs of Diet Pepsi syrup and was transferred by a very nice receptionist to the manager of the bottling department. He was very abrupt and curt in the way he answered and rushed through everything I asked and then hung up after asking how I got that number. If this is the way your managers treat perspective customers, it doesn't bode well for your company. I had called because I'm retired and will be living in a motorhome. I have a sodastream
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1 review
2023, February 25
Been going here for awhile and the service is Fantastic! Great prices and kind atmosphere.
3 reviews
2022, December 29
I see you did not win the 1kg giveaway! Hence the BS follow up review. IDK's products are the BEST in the country. NOTHING compares to them. (I have tried EVERY VENDOR) in Canada! If you have drug issues.. get help. Seriously!
1 review
2022, December 20
A business consciously selling broken products to people knowing they will be unable to make a return and be screwed out of their money. >A store selling electronic disposable vapes >Admittedly, by their own policy a % of these electronics will be dead on arrival, worthless out of the box >Only members can make returns, within 24hours, a fact that should be clearly disclosed to consumers at the point of purchase, but is only done so with a 2x3inch key card off to the side on a waist level
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1 review
Charlene H.
2022, December 15
I saw Sarah for a shape and tint. She did a wonderful job, easy to talk with and my eyebrows look great.
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