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in Hamilton
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2023, September 24
John agreed to do our driveway, patio and walkway. When we first met with him, we were promised the job would be finished in 10 days. (Including, as he stated, Saturday and Sunday). After receiving the non refundable 5% advance, they arrived for the first day, for around 3 hours, to do the excavation. They then disappeared until next Wednesday. Arriving Wednesday, they spent another couple of hours on the excavation and then disappeared for another week. When they returned, John began demanding
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26 reviews
constance h.
2023, September 11
Advantages Love her so much and she really cares about her friends/clients!
Vincent L.
2023, September 2
Beware of Kayo3PL. Unethical, dishonest and problematic. We have had 14 months of hell dealing with Kayo3PL and its owners, Lisa and Dave Petti.

It’s hard to find the right words to describe how bad their service is. To begin with, it’s nearly impossible to get any customer service from them, there is NO onboarding at all, they won’t pick up the phone, and you’re lucky if you get an email reply within 48 hours. Misleading service agreement, errors in fulfillment tasks, an extreme lack of
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2023, August 25
James Street to me doesn't even feel like a school it's like being at home, everyone is really welcoming and helpful so if you are having a hard time with keeping your grades up then this is your place, my grades have gone up ever since I attended
1 review
Christina K.
2023, August 23
I highly recommend. Honest and professional as well as fast! Prices are reasonable.
1 review
Fabienne B.
2023, July 13
I went for my 6th colonoscopy at the Ancaster Endoscopy Clinic. They took me right on time and everybody was very nice and taking good care of me. Thank you to Dr Talwar, the nurses and the staff.
2023, June 13
Just so you know, you are asked to leave for reno's, you have the first right of refusal to occupy the unit again and it has to be at the same price you were paying. You put it in writing and don't sign anything they give you.
2023, June 1
I highly recommend avoiding this company. The owner is unprofessional and his team is full of inexperienced, new to Canada workers. My stairs were ruined and I had to bring in a new contractor to fix the job, which was very expensive. I also had to seek an expert to provide me with a full deficiency report as the owner was gaslighting my concerns. I recommend seeking guidance and referrals directly from Benjamin Moore, they really know their stuff and local contractors.
1 review
Tessa V.
2023, June 1
This woman is amazing and everything she does she does with perfection! Go check her out she’s awesome!!!
1 review
Blair L.
2023, May 19
I would strongly recommend not using Paladin LLP to represent you. Overall poor service and wants to bill with limited work done on the file. Does not take the time to understand the context of the file. All parties were confused by correspondence sent by Bruce. Attention to detail is limited. Do not waste your money
1 review
2023, March 17
DO NOT BUY YOUR CAR HERE. Bought a vehicle from this supposedly reputable dealer Kevin who works here. After talking to him multiple times about what needs to be done to the car, never once did he tell me the whole body of the car needs to replaced. I understand if you buy a car AS IS that’s it but I was deceived and manipulated with messages like “I’ve driven the car daily” “I’ve looked at it underneath multiple times and so have my mechanic” “you can’t get it safetied? What do you mean? That’s
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