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in London
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2023, August 29
Advantages I recently experienced a fantastic service that I cannot help but rave about. From beginning to end, the level of excellence displayed by the service provider was truly outstanding. Great teacher and had a great deal of knowledge and patience. In conclusion, I cannot speak highly enough about the exceptional service I received. From their attention to detail, professionalism, efficiency, and outstanding customer service, every aspect of the service was top-notch. I highly recommend
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7 reviews
Bobi-Jo V.
2023, August 14
Disadvantages Construction/Road Closure directions on how to get in business in pick up email. Answer phone and emails. Refund. Actual Customer Service would be nice. Comment Terrible Customer Service. Drove over an hour to pick up my items, road was closed due to construction, no where on my emailed invoice did it say about how to get to building from road closed. Drove around for half hour trying to get around building and in from other way, well on phone for 20mins waiting to talk to someone
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1 review
2023, July 16
Awesome, is least that can describe this place, the doctors are just amazing and listen to your concern attentively and don't rush you out the place. Staff are super nice as well with patients and show compassion for your issues. Maybe just they need to add more doctors and more hours to cover the gap from the shortage of London doctors, it’s always fully booked when I try to book the same day.
Teresa H.
2023, July 5
Lori is such a wonderful person and very knowledgeable. I felt so comfortable leaving my conure with her as soon as I walked in. Very well kept home. She truly loves all the birds that visit. She even sent me a short clip of the cuddles with our Julia. It was so sweet. I'm using her services again in August. I genuinely trust her and highly recomend her services. Thankyou, Lori
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Sue Z.
2023, June 29
June 2023 Awesome cement work on my patio area, New retaining walls , new wider steps to backyard, with step down pad , replaced areas of sidewalk that had fallen apart , new cement pad under lean too, also fixed an area beside cement pad that has tar Mack which had sunk. . did some parging . cleaned the area up and power washed the dirt away from the construction done by them, All compleated by hand as they could not get a small backhoe in the yard to help them with the area needing
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2023, June 27
was 2021 l guess...go there for cleaning...one lady come l think her name is Debra was serving me..then one dr was indian look like can't see face because of mask...and inject local anesthesia on my right side then go..after 10 minutes come back to check for sleepness on gum...get tool on hand and try to pull up one of the tooth on right rear bottom one with his full power couple times..l wasn't feel anything because of anesthesia ... didn't understand why because don't have any problem with it...was
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1 review
Darleen M.
2023, June 6
They don't deliver on time. A package was to be delivered Monday, they lied and put incorrect address. Then today at 10:16 I received an email saying it will be delivered within 3 hours and it is now 3:37 and it still hasn't arrive. If this was the first time with this company I can understand but it is not. I am a business and would never use them. Tuesday, 6 June 12:10 PM Package is out for delivery. London, ON CA 8:35 AM Package is out for delivery. London, ON CA Monday, 5 June 5:02
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1 review
2023, April 26
LOST Cycle has been a second home to me - a place where I feel safe, wanted, strong, and where my mental and physical health are optimized. I have been going since September 2019 and it has significantly affected my life in every positive way possible. The staff are all so wonderful and kind, and the owner Courtney is AMAZING. Absolutely love this studio and recommend it to all of my friends, family and coworkers!
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