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in Kitchener
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Angie l.
2023, September 7
If i could give a higher rating than 5....I absolutely would. Their services are above and beyond.. Lara and Keetah..are sooo caring and kind....love them.both ❤❤ My granddaughters final stage is BEAUTIFUL and she loves it..prancing and dancing all around..new girl. Grandmas hair is also perfect.. Thank you so very much ladies
1 review
2023, August 14
Have been with them for 54 years.friendly knowledgeable and informative.Services great and price is right as well. Would highly recommend as dentist
1 review
Kristopher R.
2023, July 20
Amazing service, outstanding quality.
Rosemary P.
2023, June 28
Overwhelming loss of my husband of almost 60 years left me living alone for the first time in my life. Chris is compassionate, a good listener & made me comfortable discovering me. Chris also gently pushed me to find confidence when he knew I was ready. He has the ability to help you overcome insecurities & learn new strategies to live your best life.
1 review
Lakhdeep D.
2023, March 30
i want to pick up some Bravecto for my dog as I do every summer. Now, i cannot simply pick up, they want to see my dog and charge me extra. I just want this medication to prevent flea n ticks, they just want to make a buck off the visit. Time to look for another vet! response: We are glad that you are taking steps to provide your pet with protection against parasites such as fleas and ticks. However, as Bravecto is a medication, we require a valid veterinary-client-patient relationship. If
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